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Simple unit testing in C++

There are many complex frameworks available, include cxxtest and the Boost test frameworks. However, a simple approach can also be effective. In our simple approach, we define a static public method for each class: static void unit_test(). This method runs … Continue reading

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gnu screen how to’s

The GNU screen manual Setup the ~/.screenrc file such that many lines of stdout are saved, because by default, screen throws away the output. Put these lines in .screenrc defscrollback 10000 ssh to remote system Either start a new screen … Continue reading

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Using the servers

Server names (partial list): juno, monk To see load on servers, while on campusĀ  browse to From home, must login twice and its best to always run screen ssh ssh screen [-r] My ubunutu vm (or the … Continue reading

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Git remote repositories

To clone a remote repository git clone ssh:// repo.git To retrieve changes from the remote and merge into a local branch git pull REMOTEĀ  LOCAL_BRANCH To send changes in current branch to the remove git push

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